The blog you are viewing belongs to me, Valarie Irene Schultz.   I am not well known and neither I’m sure will my blog be but I’m ok with that.  You see, this “blog” you have discovered…this collection of tiny glimpses into my life and more so into my head, it is for me.

Writing and “wordsmithing” has always always always been one of my more natural and enjoyable skills.  Some might even call it a talent.  At least some did call it that at one point in my life….some also use to say I had a lot of potential.  Not necessarily about the writing but just in general because bursting out of me was some sort of a glow or a sparkle of possible greatness but sadly..that light in me has been extinguished and I fear it may be for good.  I haven’t heard someone use the word potential in a sentence with my name in many years it seems now.  I guess I am OK with that too.

I may not have nurtured and tended to that light or the potential in me for greatness and might even have squandered it without knowing.  But at the end of the day when I lay my head down, and I am all alone with my thoughts, as I cleans myself in the soft glow cast down by another moonlit night..I let my thoughts off the leash to roam to the places where I can not take them.  Places that are still to raw, still too scorched from the blazes set upon them and the wars waged within them.  I let my thoughts take the lead and my mind gets lost wandering.  Most often I can find my thoughts in the usual places.  Loves lost,  memories forgotten, times I wish I could travel back in time to, things that will be of most interest to mainly, me.

I urge you to read on fellow blogger, I implore your gaze to find usefulness, meaning, and common bonds among my causal collection of unsent letters, untold stories, unspoken words the occasional “reblogged blog” and any of the other little delicious blog ingredients I may be so inclined to share with you. Ingredients which may seem of little interest or value as they are alone and individually portioned but ALL of which once combined, mixed together, wrapped up with spell check then paired with a light mix of URL & hyper links, then top it off with the occasional photoe &/or video clip(s) right out of my own personal private collection. It’s served up hot & fresh (or reheated from the archives) to your eyes, your mind, maybe even your subconscious will nibble a bit at it while you sleep. The unique platter which Your reads are served on was fully imagined, manifested, created, and tastefully customized by yours truly personal blog you now know as “Little Pieces Of Me” and hope that you too can be ok with the life you are living and the person which you are now today.


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